Expenses Claim

How to register payment for an expense claim

Introduction This guide will show you how to pay for expense claims that have already been approved. Before you begin Expense claims can only be paid for once they have been approved. Click here if you have not done so. Navigating to your Expense Claim payment page 1. Click on Expense at the left panel […]

Posting Journal Entries for Expenses

Introduction A journal entry is the first step in the accounting cycle. It is used to record business transactions in a business’s accounting records. Instead of having to create a new journal entry for your expense claims, DashBod allows you to post your expense claims in your journal immediately. Before you begin Only approved expense […]

How to Approve of expense claims

Introduction For HR or directors of companies, approving expense claims is a monthly affair. DashBod helps to streamline the claims process by going paperless. All soft copies of the supporting documents will be stored in DashBod. Before you begin DashBod can configure system’s claims settings to allow either individual department’s line manager or HR team […]

Submitting Expenses

Introduction Perhaps one of the most heavily used feature in Dashbod is the submission of expenses by employees. Employees can login to the web or download our Dashbod Mobile Application to submit their expenses. Before you begin Set all of your expense types before you begin – setting your expense type allows you categorize your […]

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