Advanced Features

On-Screen Report (General Ledger)

Introduction This article covers how to generate an On-Screen Report, which drills down to the list of transactions within the parameters you’ve set, allowing you to generate reports that you need for business analysis. Before you begin Before you begin, you need to know the date range and which journals which you are interested in. […]

How to do project accounting with analytic accounts

Introduction Companies in project based businesses (such as software development, interior design, marketing agencies, construction) often need project accounting capabilities to ascertain which projects are generating the best profits or margins. Businesses with more than one business unit (such as product sales and product rental and aftermarket servicing) can also use this feature to better […]

PEPPOL E-Invoicing

Overview If you have yet to sign up for the PEPPOL E-Invoicing network, click here to do so. Use the PEPPOL Network to send E-Invoices to your customers and record Supplier Bills from your suppliers.   Creating A PEPPOL Registered Customer Firstly, click on the Accounting – Finance module. Then, go to Accounts Receivable on […]

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