Set Up and Configuration

Setting up your PEPPOL ID in DashBod

Introduction Your PEPPOL ID is your unique address in the PEPPOL network, which allows your company to send and receive PEPPOL e-invoices. PEPPOL is an international e-invoicing network that allows your company to send e-invoices to companies and governments across the globe. Before you begin In order to get access and send invoices through the […]

How to Export my Data out from DashBod?

Introduction DashBod allows you to export your existing data into a .CSV or Excel format should you want to manually back up your data. This includes items such as invoices, chart of accounts, purchase orders and more. How it works Exporting your data 1. Select the checkboxes (Red Box) 2. Click on Action (Blue Box) […]

How to Renew your DashBod Account

Introduction 3 Months before your DashBod subscription expires, a “Renew” button will appear next to your company name after logging in. Note: Each subscription after renewal will last for one year and will not automatically renew itself. How it works 1. Login to your DashBod account. 2. After logging in, click on the “Renew” button […]

How to Upload or Change your Company Logo

Introduction Upload your company’s logo so that it appears on items such as reports and invoices generated using DashBod. How it works Navigating to your settings page 1. Click on Accounting on the left panel (Red Box) 2. Click on + at the top panel (Blue Box) 3. Click on Settings (Green Box) 4. Click […]

How to use startup wizard

Introduction This article covers how to use the Startup Wizard to set up your company profile into DashBod. Before you begin To speed up the set-up process, please prepare the following information that is vital for DashBod set-up before you commence your DashBod journey with us: UEN Company Logo Bank Account You may also require […]

How to reset password

Login to DashBod Site 1. Go to 2. Click Login (Red Box) 3. Click on Forget Password? (Red Box) Resetting your password 4. Enter your DashBod user name or your Email (Red Box) 5. Click Submit (Blue Box) Note: You will receive an email shortly from DashBod on how to reset your password.

How to set up expense types

Introduction Every company has a set of expense claims types unique to themselves. Common examples include, medical, food and entertainment, pantry supplies, stationery, subscriptions, transport, mobile or internet, etc. This article guides you on how to set up the various expense types in DashBod. Before you begin Although both are company expenses, there is a […]

How to create a user

Introduction This guide will show you how to add an employee in your company into DashBod’s system. Before you begin The information that you need to prepare is the new user’s name, email and role. Navigating to your user page 1. Go to 2. Click Login at the top bar (Red Box) Logging into […]

OCBC Bank Account Set Up

Introduction A collaboration with OCBC has enabled OCBC Business Banking customers to utilise the OCBC Bank Feed integration in DashBod to view your bank transactions without having to log into your business banking platform. After the OCBC Business Banking Account is successfully linked to Dashbod, DashBod will automatically pull transaction data from OCBC daily and […]

The Different User roles in DashBod

Introduction There are 9 pre-set user roles in DashBod. User roles limit the access each role has in modules. Before you begin Ensure that you have your teams and users: Email, First Name and Last name.   User Roles 1. Super Administrator Access to whole system Full access to all settings in the system Able […]

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