Leave Management

How to Create or Rename Leave Types

Introduction DashBod already has pre-set leave types but allows you to customise their names or create new leave types, as each company may have their own naming conventions for their leave. Before you begin Ensure that you have already set up your Leave Policy for your company. Navigating to your leave type page 1. Click […]

How to Allocate Leave to Employees

Introduction Employees may sometimes be given additional leave such as reservist, maternity, off-in-lieu. HR or Superadmins can allocate leave to any employees. Before you begin If you have already Set up Your Leave Policy, you may skip this guide as this is an ad-hoc leave allocation to employee. This function is mainly used for Off-in-Lieu, […]

How to Apply for Leave

Introduction One of the most commonly used feature by employees is the leave application feature. Dashbod’s leave application allows you to apply for annual, sick or hospitalisation leave on the web browser. Before you begin Ensure that you have already created your employee profile. Know the dates that you want to apply leave for. You […]

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