Inventory Management

How to Adjust the Inventory Level of a Product

Introduction Inventory management is essential to efficient operations of company processes, and stocks should be updated and be in specific locations to be handy upon orders. There may be times when the inventory records of a company may not tally with the physical stock of the products, which makes it necessary to update the quantity […]

How to Create a Product Variant

Introduction Product variants are used to offer variations of a particular product. Creating product variants makes it easier for inventory tracking and allows you to determine how many variations of an individual product are available. There can be many different types of product variants. For example, a T-shirt can have many sizes (S, M, L) […]

How to Scrap a Product

Introduction In your warehouse, you may sometimes find products that are physically damaged beyond use or expired. Since these products can no longer be sold and stored, they have to be scrapped. Once goods are scrapped, they will not reflected in your system as a part of the inventory. The scrapped material will be physically […]

How to create a Delivery Method

Introduction Users can create delivery methods in DashBod to include delivery fees inside their Sale Orders, which will then be reflected in their invoices to provide a clear overview of all the expenses involved in an order. How it works 1. Click on Inventory on the left panel 2. Click on Configuration on the top bar 3. […]

How to create a Unit of Measurement for products

Introduction Unit of measures are important when it comes to efficient inventory management for your products. For example, if one of your products are Keyboards, their unit of measure would be by piece (PC). Other examples of a unit of measure would be grams, kg, hours etc. How it works 1. Click on Inventory on the […]

How to Create a Warehouse and Location

Introduction In the inventory function in DashBod, a user is able to create both a Warehouse and Location. What’s the difference? A Warehouse is the physical building or place where your items are stocked. You can create more than one warehouse and create moves between them. A Location is a specific space within your warehouse, or in other words, […]

How to create a Reordering Rule for products

Introduction For some items you hold in stock, creating a reorder rule makes sure you never run out of stocks. For example, for products with high demand and high flow, this reorder rule will save you a lot of time on manual orders. DashBod’s inventory feature allows you to set up rules so that an […]

How to Import Products and Services

Introduction DashBod allows you to call up your product or service offerings in a Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice or Bill. Before you can do so, this guide will show you how to import your companies products and services. Before you begin This guide shows you how to import your products and services in bulk, please click here if […]

Creating a Product

Introduction Companies using DashBod can create their product or service offerings. These product or service offerings can be called up in a Sales Order, Purchase Order, Invoice or Bill. Before you begin If you need to create products in bulk, please refer to the article on how to import products. Navigating to Product Listing 1. […]

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