Human Resource

How to find Archived Employees

Before you begin Ensure that you have already Created an Employee. How it works 1. Click on Employees on the left panel 2. Next, click on the Search Icon. 3. Next, click on Filters, then Archived. Note: Should you want to unarchive an employee, click on the Archived button What’s next Learn how to create an Annual Leave Entitlement.

How to create Annual Leave Entitlement

Introduction Different groups of employees in the company will have different annual leave entitlements. In this feature, you will be able to create annual leave entitlements for employees which are based on the number of years they have been in your company. For example: 1 year of service = 16 days of leave 2 years […]

How to block out dates for leave application

Introduction During festivities or times of need, companies may institute block out dates for annual leave application. DashBod allows you to black out dates for leave application. Before you begin Managing your manpower in your organisation is key to success. Make sure you block out the appropriate number of days and consider if black out […]

How to assign Secondary Manager

Introduction Sometimes, employee’s managers may go on reservist, maternity or hospitalisation leave or even sabbaticals and be away for an extended period of time. Assigning a secondary manager allows the team’s leave, claims and expense approvals to be routed to a designated person. Before you begin Know which manager you are substituting and the start […]

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