Human Resource Setup

How to create a job position

Introduction Structuring your organisation well right from the start is crucial to understanding your organisation dynamics and strategising your talent acquisition. In this article, learn to create the various job positions within the company, create new job openings or indicate an employee job position. Before you begin Before you begin, you have to have set […]

How to create a working schedule

Introduction Working schedules in DashBod helps employees auto calculate an employee’s per day rate. With the standard working schedule in DashBod, DashBod then is able to calculate additional and overtime wages. The right working schedule allows DashBod to generate a accurate payroll for all employees. Before you begin Ensure you have your employee work schedule […]

How to setup leave policy

Introduction Different groups of employees in the company have different annual leave entitlements. In this feature, you can set the tiers, i.e. your Leave Policy structure and indicate which employee has this tier in Employee Profile. Before you begin You need to refer to your company’s employee handbook and key in all the Leave Tiers […]

How to create a department

Introduction In a larger company, creating departments with their own managers allow the easy administration of claims and leave for employees as all this data will be sent straight to the department head. DashBod recommends departments for companies with more than 15 employees. Before you begin Department plays an important role in DashBod as it […]

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