Employee Profile

Creating a Resignation

Introduction   Before you begin   Navigating to your Resignation page 1. Click on Employees at the left panel (Red Box) 2. Click on Resignation at the top bar (Blue Box) Entering Employee Details 3. Click Create 4. Fill in the following fields (Red Box) Select the Employee Select the Resignation Date Select the Requested […]

Creating Employment (EMP) Terms

Introduction Creating employment term details such as employee wages, allowance, employment benefits, etc, will help Dashbod automatically compute an employee’s per day rate. This in turn will be useful when HR or employers need to deduct a unpaid leave that was taken, a mid month joiner has joined the firm, or when leave encashment, etc […]

Creating an Employee Profile

Introduction Employee data is personal data that each of your employee have that you need to track and record. These include name, addresses, education and bank details that you need in order to process IR8A, taxes and letters. This articles covers how to add a single employee. Before you begin If you need to upload […]

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