Annual Filings

XBRL Submission (Seamless Filing)

Introduction XBRL, also known as eXtensible Business Reporting Language, was introduced by ACRA to standardise how financial statements are filed online. In this guide, you will learn how to use DashBod to help you to generate and download your Financial Statement Highlights in XBRL format for submission to ACRA. Your Financial Statement Highlights refer to […]

Annual Return Submission (Seamless filing)

Click on ‘Accounting’ 2. Click on ”Tax & XBRL”, then ”Annual Report” 3. Login to Corp Pass 4. Click on ”Yes” 5. You will see this screen once your Annual Returns have been initiated. Click on ”View Company Information”. 6. Key in your UEN number and the other information will be auto-filled. Ensure all of […]

Form C-S (Seamless filing)

Introduction It is compulsory for all companies in Singapore to report their income to IRAS annually by filing their Corporate Income Tax Return, also known as Form C-S. With DashBod’s integration with IRAS seamless filing, you will be able to file your tax return directly to IRAS. Click here to download an example of a […]

Annual Report

Note: DashBod’s Annual Report function is currently under maintenance. Introduction An annual report consists of in-depth financial information about your company for a particular year, containing items such as balance sheets, income and cash flow statements. The main audience of your company’s annual report would be your shareholders, investors or stakeholders, as it lets them […]

Income Tax (IR8A & IR8S)

Introduction Employers are required by law to prepare form IR8A and/or IR8S, which are compulsory for all employees working in Singapore to complete. DashBod saves you time by auto-computing and generating the IR8A and/or IR8S for all your staff including part-timers. Before you begin Note: You can only use this function if you’ve been doing […]

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