Accounting Reports

How to Generate Profit and Loss by Cost Center

Introduction Cost centers are a reporting unit within a business that is responsible for whatever costs are incurred. For example, an accounting department is a cost center as they are responsible for tracking expenses throughout the company. This modified profit and loss report is a financial statement that summarizes revenue, costs, and expenses incurred by […]

How to view your Invoice and Bill Report

Introduction The Invoice and Bill Report lets you see all the customer invoices and supplier bills that has been issued by your company, during a specific period of time. The report is divided into two sections: Customer Invoices and Supplier Bills, and shows: Who the invoice or bill is issued to The paid and/or outstanding […]

How to view your Trial Balance Report

Introduction The trial balance report shows the balances of your company’s General Ledger accounts at a given point in time. The accounts that are listed on a trial balance report are important accounting items such as assets, liabilities, equity and expenses. The main purpose of this report is to identify if the balances of debit […]

How to view your General Ledger Report

Introduction The General Ledger report shows you all the financial activity of your business and is made up of your Chart of Accounts. The report will contain account summaries and has details of every transaction that goes in and out of your accounts and is organised by both date and account type. The main purpose […]

How to view your Profit and Loss Report

Introduction The profit and loss report is a financial statement that summarizes revenue, costs, and expenses incurred by your business during a specific time period. The purpose of this report is understand the financial health of your business as it showcases the difference in your business revenue and expense. Before you begin Ensure that you […]

How to view your Aging Report

Introduction There are 2 types of aging reports you can generate in DashBod: 1. Accounts Payable Aging Report An accounts payable aging report shows your payables to suppliers and helps businesses to identify which of their invoices are overdue for payment. 2. Accounts Receivable Aging Report An accounts receivable aging report shows the unpaid invoice […]

How to view your Balance Sheet Report

Introduction A balance sheet report gives a statement of your business’s assets, liabilities and equity at a specific point in time. It offers an overview of what your business owns and owes, including the amount invested by its owners, reported on a single day. Essentially, a balance sheet tells about your business’s worth at a […]

How to view your Statement of Account Report

Introduction A statement of accounts is a document that reflects all the transactions that took place between you and a particular customer for a given period of time. They are typically used by business owners to send statements of accounts to their customers to inform them of how much they owe for sales that took […]

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